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Information for families of new pupils

Fáilte romhat agus roimh do pháiste. Welcome to New Ross Educate Together National School.

Starting school will be a big change in the life of your child. It is a time when families and teachers take special care to ensure that the transition from home to school is as smooth as possible. If the child’s first experience of school is one of happy involvement, a very good foundation will have been laid for rewarding school years ahead.

Here are some ideas for the home, which should help ensure a smooth transition to primary school.

Getting Ready for Learning

Our first year in school is mainly about settling in, relating to others, making friends, feeling happy and gradually getting used to the routine of the school. On the learning side the emphasis is on getting children ready for learning by:

  • Developing their oral language and expression.

  • Sharpening their senses, especially seeing, hearing and touching.

  • Developing physical co-ordination especially of hand and fingers.

  • Extending their concentration span and getting them to listen attentively.

  • Learning through play – the most enjoyable and effective way.

  • Co-operating with the teacher and other children.

  • Performing tasks by themselves.

  • Working with others and sharing with them.

  • Teaching each child to follow classroom guidelines which is necessary for the class to work well.

Before Your Child Starts

You should ensure that your child is as independent as possible - physically, emotionally and socially. If they can look after themselves in these areas they will feel secure and confident and settle in readily.

Please ensure that your child can do the following:

  • Be able to put on their own coat, manage zips buttons etc. and hang it up.

  • Use the toilet without help and manage pants buttons. Also encourage personal hygiene and cleanliness. Your child should know to flush the toilet and wash their hands.

  • Use a tissue when necessary.

  • Share toys and playthings with others and “take turns”.

  • Tidy up and put away their playthings.

  • Put on and fasten their own shoes – velcro straps rather than laces may be preferable if you child cannot tie their own shoelaces. 

  • Remain contentedly for a few hours in the home of a relation, friend or neighbour. If s/he had this experience, then separation from you when s/he starts school will not cause him/her any great anxiety.

Preparing for the First Day

The child’s first day at school is a day to remember for the rest of their life. We can help to make it a really happy one for her/him.

Tell them about school beforehand, casually, and talk about it as a happy place where there will be a big welcome and where they will meet new friends.

It may be a good idea to bring your child with you when shopping for a lunch box and drink container. Check that your child is able to open and close the containers before purchasing as it is important they can do this unaided.

Coming In

When you arrive at the classroom be as casual and calm as you can. Help your child find a coat hook (there are no assigned hooks) and encourage them to hang up their coat. You will meet with the teacher who will encourage your child to sit with a group and play with the other children.

Assure her/him you will be back to collect them, wish her/him goodbye and make your getaway without delay.

In spite of the best efforts of both teacher and parents, a small number of children will still become upset. If your child happens to be one of them, please remain calm. Patience and perseverance can work wonders.


  • Trust the teacher. They are experienced at helping the children to settle into their new surroundings.

  • We understand that parents may be feeling anxious inside but it is vital that you have a positive and calm exterior.

  • Tell your child that the teacher will look after him/her until home time. When you have reassured her/him, leave promptly. The teacher will then comfort your child and help them to settle into the morning.

  • Check back in the office in a short while. You will invariably find that calm has been restored.

Going Home

  • Be sure to collect your child on time. Children can become very upset if they feel they are forgotten.

  • The teacher will call each child in turn to exit the classroom and return to their parent/guardian. Your patience at this time will be much appreciated.

  • If at any time the collecting routine has to be changed, ensure you tell the child and write a note to their teacher.

  • Check the Junior Infant schedule for September for correct collection times.


If you have any concerns / queries, please talk to your child’s teacher.

Keep an eye on the Aladdin connect and the school's social media for any updates from the school. 

We look forward to meeting your child and are certain that they will have a very positive experience here in New Ross Educate Together N.S.

1st Day of School in New Ross
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