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Green Schools - Litter and Waste

In 2021 New Ross ETNS began the process of trying to get our Green Flag.

Year One

Our second class were the Green School's Committee. We began by reviewing the waste and litter in the school. We checked the rubbish in the bins and found that people were not washing out their yoghurt cartons. We mapped the litter blackspots in the school and found that there was hardly any litter in the school grounds.

We made posters for all the bins in the school and we told all the classes to separate their rubbish.

We monitored the bins with monthly spot checks and we had an action day. This involved all the classes learning about why it is important to recycle and our senior class went picking litter


Year Two

This year we could have green school elections and we had a committee. We did spot checks of the bins and we checked the classroom floors for litter.

We celebrated Climate Action Week by holding Climate Conversations. Each class was paired with a different class and they discussed how they could help the environment.

We made climate pledges this week also. We tried our best to use reusable water bottles.

We continued to pick up litter on the school yard every week.

We entered the WEE Battery Competition and collected 10 boxes of used batteries. The waste in our bins were separated properly and we were washing out our yoghurt cartons. We had a competition for our Green School Slogan and the winner was:

Pick up Litter Put it in Its Place and the World Will Become a Better Place

In March 2023 we had our assessment visit. Our committee spoke so well about all the work they had completed. One month later we received the good news that we had been awarded our Green Flag for Litter and Waste.

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