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How to Expand your child's Vocabulary!

It is important to encourage children’s vocabulary development so that they develop the language and literacy skills necessary to succeed in school. The adults in a child’s life play a significant role in helping a child learn new words. Below are some ways to help your child in this area:

1. Talk, Talk, Talk! –make sure to set aside time to have stimulating conversations with your child on a variety of topics e.g. the news.

2. Be conscious of your own use of language – are you using more developed and challenging words and phrases sometimes? A child needs to hear the same word/phrase being used several times before they comprehend it fully.

3. READ! – read a range of books from fiction to non-fiction. Often adults forget that children need to be exposed to non-fiction books, for example a book about the solar system.

4. Play verbal games, tell jokes and stories to expose them to more words (Headbandz, Don’t Say It, Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble are great board games to achieve this).

5. Visit the Library –make it a fun occasion and a ritual for you and your child.

6. Introduce a ‘Word a Day’ –you could write these on a calendar, use an app or website but ensure they can actually use the word when speaking, listening, writing and reading.

7. Make a BIG DEAL of language! -Positive reinforcement is known to help children learn, so create an environment where vocabulary is praised and celebrated.

RECOMMENDED APPS are listed on this website (I particularly LOVE

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