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Making Maths FUN!

Developing a positive mindset around the world of maths in the early years can help your child be more enthusiastic, engaged and can foster a creativity and love for this subject. Below are some ways to Make Maths FUN!

1. Play maths games e.g. draughts, jigsaws, puzzles, Lego, Uno Attack, Snakes & Ladders

2. Make maths part of everyday life, e.g. road signs, cooking, measuring

3. Teach them how to manage money - bring them to the shop and involve them in the whole process

4. Take their interests into account - hurling e.g. 'How many points do Wexford need to catch


5. Ask thoughtful maths questions e.g. 'Do you think a 1/2 or 3/4 is bigger?'

6. Point out maths whenever you see it - 'See how he is measuring the meat on the scales?'

7. Cook together

8. Integrate maths into your daily routines e.g. 'I have a pile of socks here, can you find some


9. Read books about maths e.g. 'Let's Count Goats'

10. Use maths vocabulary -be conscious of your use own use of language

11. Do fun maths investigations with your child e.g. experiment with a kitchen scale

Below are some useful maths websites you may like to use with your child:

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