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Physical Activity

Updated: May 8, 2023

In New Ross ETNS we facilitate the use of playground equipment. This year we invested in playground equipment that our Active School Committee suggested after receiving feedback from their classmates.

  • Soccer nets and extra balls

  • Basketball nets and a bag of basketballs

  • A badminton net, stands and a full class set of rackets

  • A full class set of hurling helmets

  • Outdoor games such as jenga, ring toss and beanbag toss

  • A full class set of chess boards and pieces

  • Extra hula hoops and jumping sacks

  • Large chalk pieces

Our school trains pupils as playground leaders. This years playground leaders are the active school committee from 4th, 5th and 6th class.

Our school created an Active School WALKWAY route and uses it to promote physical activity and cross-curricular learning.

Every class completed the ‘Active Break Every Day’ challenge, as a whole school initiative, over a period of 4 weeks this year. We used the Jam Jar Active Break idea and the children really enjoyed it!

Every class completed the ‘Run Around Ireland’ challenge Part 3, as a whole school initiative, over a period of 4 weeks in March 2023.

Our school also incorporates physical activity into annual events such as maths week (maths trail on our active walkway), sports day, school tours, Hallowe'en dress-up day whole school dance.

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