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Aistear in Action

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Junior and Senior Infants are working together during Aistear this year. We have decided to have 6 stations and we do Aistear 4 days a week.

Our role play area, to match our oral language theme of 'myself' we have the doctors surgery. In this area the children begin by deciding their roles, doctor, nurse, receptionist, patient. They make appointments, sit and read in the waiting room, answer phones and visit the doctor, we've had some very serious injuries this week with some people needing slings and lots of bandages. This area allows children the opportunity to use all the vocabulary surrounding body parts and the doctors surgery.

Along side this we also have our block play area, where the children use these fantastic wooden blocks from a company in Carlow;Jaggo. These are so opened ended it allows so much creativity and imagination.

Alongside this we have our sand and water area, small world, playdough and art zones. In our art zone at the moment we are linking with our seasons topic and are making leaf people.

We are really enjoying our Aistear and cant wait to see what things Aoife and Helen have planned for us in the coming weeks.

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