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Maths in 1st Class - What we've been up to!

We have been busy bees here in 1st class and have been learning lots of new topics in maths. Here are some of the things we have been working on!

We have started our very first bit of work on place value this year. Place value tells us all about the value of different numbers. For example, the number 14 has one ten and four units while the number 24 has two tens and four units.

We used lollipop sticks and special blocks to help us figure out the number of tens and units in a number. We also learned a very important rule; the units can go only go as far as nine before they have to move house into the tens!

This week we are learning all about capacity. We started by making estimates on how many cups it would take to fill a big bowl. We recorded our estimates and then got to work on measuring to see if our estimates were correct!

We have also started learning about litres and the different things that are measured using litres. You can help us learn more about capacity at home by checking the measure of different objects at home or by talking about the different amounts of liquid different things can hold.

Here are some pictures of us measuring in maths!

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