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Clothes and Seasons

Our latest theme in our E.A.L group is ‘Clothes’ and ‘Seasons’. As well as learning the names of clothing items, we have been practising describing them with words such as fluffy, woolly, polka dots, striped, multi-coloured, sparkly and bright. Next week, we will be categorising clothes for the different weather types and seasons e.g. hot and cold weather. Below are some of the phrases we are hoping to master:

‘You look nice today. I like your shoes.’

‘My favourite item/piece of clothing is my ______’

‘Who owns this scarf?’

‘This is my/your/his/her hat.’

‘What are you wearing?

‘She is wearing _______.’

‘In Summer time, I wear ______ because it is hot/hotter.’

Click on this link to have a listen to the song we have been learning!

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